Date Teams Time
06/22/2017 Cubs V Marlins 6:30pm
06/23/2017 Cubs V Marlins 6:35pm
06/24/2017 Cubs V Marlins 3:35pm
06/24/2017 Pirates V Cardinals 6:00pm
06/25/2017 Cubs V Marlins 12:35pm
06/25/2017 Pirates V Cardinals 7:00pm
06/26/2017 Cubs V Nationals 6:30pm
06/27/2017 Cubs V Nationals 6:30pm
06/28/2017 Cubs V Nationals 6:30pm
06/29/2017 Cubs V Nationals 6:30pm
06/30/2017 Cubs V Reds 6:30pm
07/1/2017 Cubs V Reds 3:30pm
07/1/2017 Nationals V Cardinals 7:00pm
07/2/2017 Cubs V Reds 12:30pm
07/2/2017 Nationals V Cardinals 7:00pm
07/4/2017 Cubs V Rays 1:30pm
07/5/2017 Cubs V Rays 1:30pm
07/7/2017 Cubs V Pirates 1:30pm
07/8/2017 Cubs V Pirates 7:30pm
07/9/2017 Cubs V Pirates 12:30pm
07/14/2017 Cubs V Orioles 6:30pm
07/15/2017 Cubs V Orioles 6:30pm
07/16/2017 Cubs V Orioles 1:00pm
07/17/2017 Cubs V Braves 6:30pm
07/18/2017 Cubs V Braves 7:00pm
07/19/2017 Cubs V Braves 7:00pm
07/21/2017 Cubs V Cardinals 1:35pm
07/22/2017 Cubs V Cardinals 3:35pm
07/23/2017 Cubs V Cardinals 7:35pm
07/24/2017 Cubs V White Sox 1:35pm
07/25/2017 Cubs V White Sox 1:35pm
07/26/2017 Cubs V White Sox 7:35pm
07/27/2017 Cubs V White Sox 1:35pm
07/28/2017 Cubs V Brewers 7:35pm
07/29/2017 Cubs V Brewers 6:35pm
07/30/2017 Cubs V Brewers 1:35pm
08/01/2017 Cubs V Diamondbacks 7:35pm

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